Anything that Floats

Will it float or will it sink? THAT is the question!

Test your raft building skills and let's see if you can make it around a water course on the Sedge Lagoon! Gather home-made materials from around your house; old bikes, pool noodles, water bottles, furniture, cardboard, wood, pvc, duct tape & buckets.

Please note: arks, barges, bateaus, canoes, catamarans, dinghies, dories, gondolas, hulks, ketches, lifeboats, pinnaces, sailboats, schooners, scows, ships, sciffs, sloops, steamboats, yachts etc will not be accepted! :)

Our charities will have food & drink stalls at the event- please support them.

Event details


  • Fish Eagle Green (on the Island- due to high lagoon water)

Date & time

  • Sat 15th April
  • Building starts at 08h00
  • Judging starts at 11h00
  • Racing starts at 11h30


  • R 300 per float

Entry process

  • Entry forms available at
  • Sedgefield Pharmacy

Contact Person